We Have Heaven To Win. by TwistedHearts

We Have Heaven To Win.

by TwistedHearts in Pet Photography

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"Love is a game until it's played
And if it's lost it can't ever be saved
We have heaven to win and hell to lose
But the difference is up to me and you
So if you will, I will stop saying I won't
And start saying I do."
-Jewel; I Do

I haven't uploaded this sweet face lately! Thought I'd share a spontaneous photoshoot from a couple months back. She's still beautiful as ever . And energetic as ever! For being 10 years old, she surely is a lively and PLAYFUL for being an older kitty . I'm so proud of her lol. I thought I'd put focus on something else too - her cute nose and whiskers instead of her eyes like I usually do .

Hope everyone is well!

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