Transcend. by TwistedHearts

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Towards the end of the semester, I became really interested in architecture. I had to research Josef Albers, so that's probably why I became really interested in trippiness of architecture. This is one of the projects I had to turn in. I'm having a hard time photographing my prints together like this, so I scanned it and photoshopped the 4 images together like I have it on paper. Just thought I'd share something a bit different. My teacher actually liked this one lol. I'm thinking floral shot next anyway ;).

OH! And good good good, actually GREAT news - I am now the proud owner of a Canon XSi. :D Thank you to the brilliant, /AlannahHawker for finding me one! They discontinued this camera's edition, so finding one was a real pain! It took me a couple hours of himmingandhawing while looking at the buy screen, but /AlannahHawker and the camera won me over! ^.^ I should be receiving it by next week! :excited:

Anyways, back to this photo lol. It was taken with my film camera (which I will be returning to its rightful owner once I finish off the rest of my film). ^.^

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