Straight To The Truth. by TwistedHearts

Straight To The Truth.

by TwistedHearts in Floral Photography

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"Love doesn't come with a contract
You give me this, I give you that
It's scary business, your heart and soul is on the line
Baby, why else would I be standing 'round here so tongue-tied

If I knew what I was doing, I'd be doing it right now
I would be the best damn poet, silver words out of my mouth
My words might not be magic but they cut straight to the truth
So if you need a lover and a friend
Baby, I'm in, I'm in, baby, I'm in, I'm in

Baby, come on in, the water's fine
I'll be right here, you take your time
Just let me hold you and we'll both take that leap of faith
It's like I told you there's no guarantee when you feel this way."
-Keith Urban; I'm In

I figured with a schoolwork upload, I'd do an upload that I enjoy :). Oh! And I had to use my new watermark/logo whatchamacallit that I've been working on. ^.^ I think I've gotten it to where I like it.

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