Feel The Sand. by TwistedHearts

Feel The Sand.

by TwistedHearts in Pet Photography

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"Step back, smell the rose
Feel the sand between your toes
Unplug, unwind
Step out in the sunshine."
-Kenny Chesney; Live A Little

A recent photo shoot with the little monster :). He was pooped out, so I got a few goodies of him (finally, lol). He's such a cute little bugger :).

He recently ran away from home... I hope he returns soon. There's nothing like home-sweet-home and a mother who's going to beat your little butt after she smothers you in hugs and kisses. But yes, I'm waiting for him to return (and testing my patience and stress levels).

*Bit ironic with the song choice, huh? He's an indoor cat gone to "live a little" I guess...

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