Dare To Scare, Scared To Dare? by TwistedHearts

Dare To Scare, Scared To Dare?

by TwistedHearts in Pet Photography

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I have had this picture for SO long, saving it just for the occasion :). My little devil boy / fat kid I love :D. He is a sweetie when he's not munching on your fingers lol.

For those who don't know... he is also a bobtailed cat like my other tiger-striped (I guess?) cat. My boyfriend adopted him after he saw this black kitten picked up by the neck and thrown onto the sidewalk by a 3 year old. :( BUT, on the happy side, my boys are best friends and go everywhere together. This black kitty is more like my tiger-striped's kitten LOL. Cleans him and everything :3.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy :). I have been saving this for awhile XD.

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