T-shirt designer, programmer • http://www.tshirt-factory.com

Galati, Romania

I was born in 1978 and raised inthe suburbs of Galatzi , Romania.I grew up intoxicated by the communist believes and a shitty life, inside of a “Grey prison” as I used to call my neighborhood because of the predominant color of the buildings.After finishing the Naval University of Constanta, ten years later I said pass to the navy and took a job as a sales manager in my home town, selling computer parts and gadgets.In the mean time I developed a fascination for illustrations and apparel design collaborating with some small brands and some branding projects. I am currently the head designer and founder of Vector Art Media which through http://www.tshirt-factory.com/ tries to sell ready made t-shirt designs for small apparel clothing brands and help other designers with vector elements sold only for a few bucks under Royalty Free license. ENJOY THE TOUR!