Graphic Design Solutions by Tricks

Graphic Design Solutions

by Tricks in Artwork

Qwark old style :D

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  • armilar


    I like how you transmit the idea of having a question and find a solution for it, at least i interpret the picture that way.
    The yellow bar is great to separate the question for the solution.
    I like the diferent styles of the "?" and I also like how you putted them around the figures head. The different sizes of the "?" and "!" make a great rythm in the picture and really can give the ilusion of movement and of ideas popping out of the head.
    The ballon made with text is fantastic! and the different sizes and fonts in it make the ballon very interesting and give a great feeling of many solutions!
    The graphic design solutions is well done but I think the graphic font in bold makes it a little hard to read.
    I always find awesome what you can do with Qwark! Fantastic work Tricks

    Jun 25th, 2007 Reply