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Matlock, United Kingdom

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Skype - trickystricksaretootricky

A little about me eh?

Well I remain one of the most senior artists on Shadowness having been with the site pretty much since its birth, from starting out small to growing bigger everyday.

I have met loads of fantastic people on here and continue to do so on a daily basis, if you wish to become a friend just add me its that simple :)

I hail from the UK where its very wet at the moment but that doesn't change much, I'm 27 and a Senior Designer for a Web Design and Development firm in the Midlands.

At the moment my duties on Shadowness is to run a few groups the more popular ones are /photomaniacs for the photographers of shadowness and I also help run the /monkey clan :monkey

If you should have any questions for me or about Shadowness in general please do ask them and ill be happy to answer them for you.