To The River by Tom990

To The River

by Tom990 in 2011 Paintings

This piece was a first for me; a collaboration with another artist, my good friend Becky (or H0lyhandgrenade as she's know online)

This was weird for both of us, since she never does digital painting and since I never do collaborations with other artists, so it was a pleasantly new experience for both of us.

Since we'd never done this before we decided to lay down a few ground rules at the start. the rules being as follows:
1. No Photoshop layers (since it was easier to send the smaller file back and forth that way)
2. No starting from scratch, each artist must build upon the work previously done by the last artist.
3. No conferring. Ie: no talking about the picture or discussion about plans for the picture, what the story was etc...

It was fun. It really was, and I'd recommend it to anyone. The fact that we weren't allowed to talk about the artwork and that we weren't allowed layers kept the process really fresh, plus it was exciting not knowing how the picture was going to develop or what you'd receive back when it was your turn. We're planning another in the near future :D

If you want to see how it developed you can see it here:

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