Kieth & Sue 4 eva!!! by Tom990

Kieth & Sue 4 eva!!!

by Tom990 in 2013 Paintings

This is Keith & and his girlfriend Sue. As you can see they're at least 50% in love.

It's Ok, she's not real. These two are fictional characters I came up with for the fun of painting them. After the last portrait I did to practice and entertain myself I wondered how I could keep things fresh and increase the challenge a bit? The answer: two heads are better than one!

The real fun of doing a multi-person portrait is that you don't just seek to convey the details of the faces, but to convey the relationship between the subjects too. I've got a brilliant idea for what I'm going to do next...

Yeah, thats right 3 people. It's the logical progression isn't it? :P

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