Hatchling by Tom990


by Tom990 in 2010 Paintings

Here we see a newly born Dragon emerging tentatively from the dark insular world of it's egg, lured by the heat and light of the candle flame.

Keeping Dragons at home is illegal, and rightly so. Dragons are terribly aggressive to humans and not safe to be anywhere near civilization. The fool attempting to raise this dragon will have a hard time coping with the sheer amount a growing chick eats in it's first years of life. Sooner or later it will attack him, rip him to bits and then consume every last scrap of flesh and bone. No doubt it will escape from it's holdings and terrorize the nearby population until some bloke with a horse and a sword tops it.

In the meantime though, isn't it adorable!?

This picture is a much improved version of an older one. I know I always do this but I just wasn't happy with the last one, so I had to repaint it.

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