Videographer and Photographer • http://zevimages.com http://timberclipse.deviantart.com

I am a student who is interested in both film and photography. I am working to become a Director of Photography (DP) and have worked on a number of film sets. I am currently working on the film "Family Tree" starring actors from Mad Men, Greys Anatomy, Iron Man 2, and many other films and TV shows.

I also am currently interning at a company near where I live.

I also am currently working on a documentary film, The Symbol of Peace which is currently in Pre-Production. If you would like to see the trailer, help support the film, or read more check out: http://zevimages.com/peace

I combine my film with photography as well. Most of what I will display here will be from my photography.

I hope you enjoy what I have!