Wide Awake by Tigaer

Wide Awake

by Tigaer in Tigaer-Design.com

This is a picture that's in the works for 2yrs now. Not on and off of course. But every now and then. The plates are from a friend who visited Vietnam and allowed me to use some of his captures. Technically it's all Photoshop and it was fun to work on it. Maybe i'll continue doing stuff on it. Who knows. =D For now it's pretty much done.

Wallpapers: http://v5.tigaer-design.com/?page_id=753

Plate: http://projects.tigaer-design.com/wideawake/beforeafter2.jpg

6942×3356 – 300dpi – Photoshop

Specific Info: http://v5.tigaer-design.com/?p=857

HQ PRINTS of my work available here: http://v5.tigaer-design.com/?page_id=56

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