Wave Goodbye by Tigaer

Wave Goodbye

by Tigaer in Tigaer-Design.com

“That’s the dream. At least when you’re looking for it here. Living in the higher levels of these skytowers. I never was so high up but I saw pictures of the most amazing sunsets you can imagine. My dreams lie beyond these towers and the planet. Can’t wait to get there. Can’t wait to see my own sunsets.”

Part One: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/excitement
Part Two: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/here-we-go-again
Part Four: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/leaving-the-fields-of-steel
Part Five: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/all-these-worlds-are-yours
Part Six: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/begin-a-new-life of my submission to the 'Sequential' themed 15th Artpack of The Luminarium - http://www.theluminarium.net/v3/exhibits.php?id=15

Article and BIG wallpaper pack: http://v5.tigaer-design.com/?p=867

Vue & Photoshop

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