Leaving The Fields Of Steel by Tigaer

Leaving The Fields Of Steel

by Tigaer in Tigaer-Design.com

“Looking down into this mess of a city it looks almost peaceful. A symbol of how far mankind came the last 500 years. All the magic we are able to do now and take for granted. All these amazing achievements. But we’re sill looking for the things we’ve always been looking for. Peace, hope, new goals and a better life.”

Part One: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/excitement
Part Two: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/here-we-go-again
Part Three: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/wave-goodbye
Part Five: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/all-these-worlds-are-yours
Part Six: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/begin-a-new-life of my submission to the 'Sequential' themed 15th Artpack of The Luminarium - http://www.theluminarium.net/v3/exhibits.php?id=15

Article and BIG wallpaper pack: http://v5.tigaer-design.com/?p=867

Vue & Photoshop

HQ PRINTS of my work available here: http://v5.tigaer-design.com/?page_id=56

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