Excitement by Tigaer


by Tigaer in Tigaer-Design.com

"Do you get that feeling too? That feeling of excitement when you know the next day will be great because you'll be off into the holidays with the family or something? Now this here is different. The last 10yrs i'm saving up for this special moment. To leave this place and start over somewhere else. This is the first step of my endeavour and i'm so excited!"

Part Two: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/here-we-go-again
Part Three: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/wave-goodbye
Part Four: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/leaving-the-fields-of-steel
Part Five: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/all-these-worlds-are-yours
Part Six: http://shadowness.com/Tigaer/begin-a-new-life of my submission to the 'Sequential' themed 15th Artpack of The Luminarium - http://www.theluminarium.net/v3/exhibits.php?id=15

Article and BIG wallpaper pack: http://v5.tigaer-design.com/?p=867

Vue & Photoshop

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