Claim New Worlds by Tigaer

Claim New Worlds

by Tigaer in

Now this one has quite a history and it would be far too much to put into this innocent little description here: So if you are interested in backstory please head over here. Let me just say that one of the parts I rendered for this pic took almost 300 hours to finish. It was a little unexpected and crazy.

Initially I wanted to play around and try myself on some 3d abstract work. I created some 3d models via Xenodream and tossed them into Vue. It didn’t work out really well but spawned some ideas for a scene and I decided to combine my 3d abstract idea with some Scifi. I really had some pressure here since I did not want to have these 300 hours wasted. I had a plan for this pic right from the beginning, but you never know how it turns out until you saw it. So I’m happy that at least the 300 hours were not wasted and I managed to do something nice with it. =D

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