chico bento by TiagoHoisel

chico bento

by TiagoHoisel in Illustration

This is an illustration I did as a part of the book MSP +50, which is a tribute to the greatest comic artist of Brazil, Mauricio de Sousa. In this book 50 artists made their interpretations for the universe of the Monica's Gang characters, Mauricio's major creation. My first idea was to do a scene with almost the entire Gang, keeping the character's original design. I changed my mind, after some friends suggestions I decided to make Chuck Billy's (the original name in portuguese is Chico Bento) cartoon because it portrays very well a reality in Brazil.
In this image I tried a different resource and used Photoshop's Lensblur to obtain a more realistic blurring effect.
To do that, I created an alpha channel simulating a 3D Depth field pass.

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