amateur digital artist •

Miami, U.S.A

Born in Germany, raised in California, Living Florida
I was an odd child ( atleast in the eyes of other kids).
Instead of reading Dr. Suess or Where the Wild things are, I was read books on dinosaurs,animals, space, and myths. Was the only kid who wanted to be and knew what a paleontologist was.
And from when I was little to today I have always loved to draw. I draw when I'm at school, at home, on break at work, waiting for the bus and so on. My art is my voice, when I was little I was very quite, not sure what to say, afraid how it would come out and being mocked. But with my art it made it easier to meet people. I made many friends and I met boyfriend in art class. Now a days I'm a little more talkative.
Other than art class from elementary to highschool I have looked through art books and online tutorials to help improve my art. I am attending college and hoping to go to A.I