Into The Future by TheKyza

Into The Future

by TheKyza in Desktop-Wallpapers

Finally after weeks of trying to make my mind up, i'm here with my next wallpaper. Out of all of my project's , this one is the one i've had most fun making. It's more me, i was fed up with using a stock model in practically every one of my project's. I couldn't really develop with that. This project is a big reflection on the way i LOVE to work. The future is something that will always be changing. I just expressed it in my own way. Yes this was inspired by the amazing Back The Future! :D

Thanks for taking the time to read this & i hope you all enjoy glaring at this as your wallpaper, and have as much fun as i did making it. It may not be perfect but it's nice & simple. Thanks to everyone who gave me there thought's in development, a HUGE help. Thanks everyone.

NO relation to Tron- I haven't even seen the damn film!! lol

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