Tomb Raider: Born to Survive by TheHylden

Tomb Raider: Born to Survive

by TheHylden in Game Fan Art

My entry for the contest on Deviant Art. Painted in Photoshop. Used some texture filtering in spots, but mostly just painted with the regular brushes. The actual contest file was so huge, my poor years old Macbook Pro was taxed way beyond its limits. It took about seven minutes to save the file, took minutes sometimes to display zoomed in. It was pretty crazy. I was up two days straight working near the end. The system finally crashed when I added the rain layers less than 2 hours before the contest ended. I was pretty frazzled, but luckily, I booted it back up and was able to recreate the effects in time. I pushed detail levels beyond probably anything else I've made, and I learned a lot of things, so it was all worth it. The main thing is, i finished it in time, minus a couple of things I wanted to add.

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