Rions Lesson of the Day by TheHylden

Rions Lesson of the Day

by TheHylden in Game Fan Art

A request from a friend, featuring her character, Rion.

She wanted her depicted with Kain and Raziel in battle/with their swords out, so I came up with this. I last depicted Kain and Raziel in his wraith form in a more hybrid illustrated/painterly style. Back with Kain's Lament, I went with more straight painterly. It's been a long time and my style and what I'm growing to like has changed. I really went for as detailed as I could get this time. I need to get both faster with this technique and more efficient in general. It took many moons. Too many. I'm also switching off onto another painting I was doing before asked to do this.

So, I'm thinking that this is sort of Kain making sure Raziel teaches his new fledgling the right way. Today's lesson, how to feed properly. As you can see, Rion's a little overzealous, lol I imagined Kain saying in this moment:

"Take control of your pet, Raziel. Teach her the proper way to feed."

Majinkura's notes were that Kain barely tolerates her, heh

There are a lot of little details to spot for the die-hard fan (as always). I hope you enjoy Photoshop with Wacom Tablet. Oh, this was the first time ever drawing Lieutenant Raziel. I've always been meaning to do so, so that's a plus.

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