George Washington Tribute by TheHylden

George Washington Tribute

by TheHylden in Historical Portrait

Merry Christmas, and whatever else, everyone! This is a piece I did for my father for Christmas. One of his and my favorite historical individuals, George Washington. I wanted to depict him in a truly epic way. I first had the idea of depicting him as he was as a colonel in the French/American Indian war, as that is where the most famous of instances with him being shot at and surviving unscathed. Well, then there was this time the British sharpshooter had him in his sights when he was a General in the American Revolution, but he just felt the need to drop his weapon... At any rate, as a colonel, he was ordered to deliver a message by horseback across the battlefield to his acting general. He did so, but not before surviving two horses shot out from under him and three bullet holes through his clothes -- two through his coat and one through his hat! Needless to say, that's quite the image of a man having his horse shot out from under him and his clothes riddled with bullets, yet still he doesn't waver, presses ever forward. I liked the uniform probably better from his colonel days, being an awesome red and blue. But, ultimately, I decided to meld that in with this showing him in his General regalia, leading his men in the Revolution, instead. So, it's a piece more depicting the seminal character and symbol of George Washington now than any one particular event. I viewed his portraits for reference and the life-sized recreations of him based on all evidence available at Mount Vernon, so that is why he doesn't look like the guy you see on the One Dollar Bill. He was pretty ruggedly handsome and tall, actually. Painted in Photoshop. I used this painting in an animated flash/mov, and also wrote an entire march for him. You can view that video online here:

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