George Washington at the Battle of Momouth by TheHylden

George Washington at the Battle of Momouth

by TheHylden in Historical Portrait

Commission for a user on DA. A depiction of the events at the Battle of Monmouth during the American Revolution. The left hand side depicts the dressing down George Washington gave General Lee, who he had ordered to lead the battle and who decided not to attack. The troops leaving the battlefield without a fight enraged Washington to the point that he was said to have cursed the heck out of his general and to relieve him, and then take command of the army, himself. It was said his dressing down was so bad, that it shook the leaves on the trees, so I went with them actually being shaken off as a visual. Washington then leads the battle, in front, heedless of his own life and survives without being hit, even though under fire by British sharpshooters. One of the many times this happened during his life. The heat was so intense, over 100 degrees that day, many died simply from heat stroke, so I wanted to show the intensity in the sweat on these men, especially dressed in what they had to wear back then. Many have removed their coats, etc.

My previous attempt at painting George Washington I've grown to dislike. I was very mediocre in getting proportions and details correct, especially on his horse. I welcomed the challenge to redeem myself here and to paint him properly with all reverence and skill that I could. I've learned a lot doing retexturing of games over the past year and incorporated some of that in painting/blending realistic materials to make items like clothing and such pop. Painted entirely in Photoshop.

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