Freelance 3D Modeler •

Baltimore, USA

New Bio: Since delving into the world of modding and with that, texturing of 3D models, I graduated myself to fully making 3D models and currently I'm available for freelance work.

Old Bio: I am a film director, writer, editor, and I also love making digital art in Photoshop. I grew up doing traditional drawing and painting and now I enjoy working in Photoshop, drawing and painting using my tablet, After Effects, and Illustrator. I am proficient with Final Cut Pro for video editing, Pro Tools for folly and sound scape work. I was studying for my BA in Film from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA (famed for such directors as Michael Bay, Zach Snyder, Tarsim). Though my education focused on work in film and video production, I'm also interested in the amazing boom in story and world design in gaming. As such, my Photoshop works are primarily focusing on video games that encompass that immersion and that cinematic feel in video games.