Beauty? by TheDarkRayne


by TheDarkRayne in Digital Art

They have an idea of 'beauty'. They, the society. What is beauty anyway? Who is beautiful anyway? Is it the sparkling skin or the 'perfectly toned' body? What is perfect anyway? They all are born as tiny babies, they all die and turn to ashes. The idea of 'beauty' is nothing but currency of the superficial. To all those who get picked on for their appearance in anyway, remember this, their idea of perfection is an illusion. What is deep down in your heart is way more important than what's on the surface. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. People who care more about how you look on the outside instead of respecting you for who you are are nothing but a sad lot indeed who would turn into dust in their wanderlust of perfection.
No, I don't support obesity but I support non-conformity.

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