Moment of Weakness by Thagirion

Moment of Weakness

by Thagirion in Thagirion Realm

Owen just narrowly escapes another of Thagirion's demon attacks. Don't know if it was Thagirion himself or if he sent some underling after him. Owen takes refuge in this room and just leans on this desk catching his breath and gathers his thoughts. He hates his fire. He wishes he had never gotten it. It doesn't hurt him but he feels it's ruined his life that was so perfect before it. He can't do normal things because of it so he had to develop his helmet and tanks to cover it up. He put his genius to use inventing that and the clear metal substance that his sword is also made of. But he hates that his gear draws the wrong kind of attention and people still stare at his fire, ask him stupid questions or whisper behind his back. So instead of being proud of his accomplishment he hates it too. But better that than having his fire be free. After a while he even started covering that up with the black bandana. He chose black because it's the best color to cover up the light from his flames. At night he's rather obvious. Not the kind of attention he likes. Notice on his left you can see his coat draped over the handle of his sword. He has to carry that everywhere for defense.

He's alone and he doesn't like that but he wouldn't want to show weakness to anyone so he'd only get like this when alone. Also it's extremely rare for him to get like this. So that's why I called this a rare Moment of Weakness for him. If someone were to walk into the room he'd quickly compose himself.

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