Driving The Devil by Thagirion

Driving The Devil

by Thagirion in Thagirion Realm

Solan is more than happy to drive his master around or do anything really to make him happy. The age difference is very clear in this drawing since Solan is only 25 and Davon is 48. Gosh this looks like a screen capture for a cartoon hehe. When I finished the lighting I was ready to call it quits and was getting sick of it. But then I took a break and was able to go non-stop after that to the end. I got through all six of Kalmah's albums and a few random songs doing this. I've noticed my focus has shifted to Solan lately. He's not one to often demand attention but he's definitely got it from me right now.

One of my favorite things to color are the eyes. I always leave them for last because that's putting life into the character. As much as I tired to make Solan's eyes vibrant I think Davon turned out better. I'm very pleased with how he turned out. After not having drawn anything in months I'm impressed I was able to do something at this level.

No critic please.

Solan Rah Davon Flare driving Sorath black sun god demon devil Thagirion

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