Bad Boys Chirstmas Party 2011 by Thagirion

Bad Boys Chirstmas Party 2011

by Thagirion in Thagirion Realm

Late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. This is my Christmas card for 2011.
I'm very proud of this drawing. I actually made the pencil drawing back in Dec of 2010. I then realized this would make a great card for 2011 and started working on it in November. Finally finished before the new year arrived. Just made the deadline.

This is the same 80's bar you saw in The Four Bad Boys and May I Have This Dance drawings. Flare Enterprise and Thanatos Industries threw an end of the year party together. This bar is owned by Thanatos so it was no problem for them to reserve the whole place. You've got the two CEO's in the foreground. Jerone Thanatos cracking jokes and wearing a Santa hat as he talks to Davon Flare.

In the background you have the two introverts Solan Rah and Prof. Jonathan Cope. Solan is VP of Flare Enterprise. He's not into parties so he brought his office work with him and is working on it. He's probably a week ahead of schedule but he still feels like he's behind. It's possible he's working on one of Davon's soul contracts.
Jonathan Cope works for Thanatos Industries. He's not big on parties so he's probably playing a video game on his computers. Unlike Solan he wants to have fun at the party even though he doesn't want to interact with anyone.

Then there's Dr. Owen F. Marsh. He's the biggest extrovert of all and on stage hamming it up. He wants all eyes on him though it seems he's only got Davon's subtle attention. Davon still wants his fire back. Love him or hate him no one can deny that Owen looks the best of everyone there. He has to out do everyone. There are other people in the room off camera so Owen is getting the attention he wants. I imagine he's singing Here We Come A Caroling and changed all the plural pronouns to singular for himself. "We's" become "I's".

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