Traditional Artist •

Buffalo, United States

Life long artist born and raised in Buffalo, New York. Ever since I was a kid I knew I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. Art is my passion, my life and its who I am as a person. I draw pretty much everyday to some extent and am constantly reading or studying anything art related that I can get my hands on. As for education, I have a diploma in Advertising Arts, other than that I have no formal training. At 17 I started my own airbrushing business doing work mainly for people in my high school. In 2009 I further combined my love of art and fashion and founded my business Tekneek Custom Sneakers & Apparel, specializing in hand painted custom sneakers and clothing. I am currently still running Tekneek Customs but over the past year I have been working towards making a transition back into doing traditional art which has always been my true passion and my main area of expertise. I am proficient in using ink/marker, colored pencil and graphite pencil. Im also currently practicing using soft pastels and hope to add them to my skill set.