Magic Of Reading by Tammara

Magic Of Reading

by Tammara in Fantasy

I love to read. It takes me to places that I would never get to see. I get to visit new time periods. Meet people I could never otherwise meet. And see magical creatures. I can fight with pirates, or save a king. I can fly on a dragon, or talk to a fairy. Books can make you cry, laugh or tickle your imagination. Books ARE magic.

Thats what I thought of while painting this piece. I took great pleasure in thinking of the countless hours I've spent reading wonderful books. I tried to show the books coming alive for the little girl, I hope it looks like it. This painting just flowed from my mind. I loved every minute!

*Credits: The adorable little girl I used for reference is Anna (Thank you for the inspiration sweetheart:hug:) from astrals-stock and can be found here:

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