Guardians by Tammara


by Tammara in Fantasy

This is a painting I did for my son who passed away (Jeremiah) for his birthday on November 25th. My first spent without him, and posted it on my birthday. (Also my first without him)

It isn't my usual type of painting but I wanted to fulfill a promise I made to him that I would paint this. This is based on a story he wrote when he was still in school about an alien race who traveled throughout the universe planting seeds of life, saving dying races, and sharing knowledge. According to his story they brought life here to earth from a dying planet, and when they showed signs of destroying themselves again the guardians came down and lived among them sharing their knowledge. That was why mankind went from primitive to preforming brain surgery, building pyramids, growing crops and knowledge of the stars. That is how we became what we are today. And they are ready to step in if we get to the point of ruination again. They are the guardians of the universe and they quietly watch over us still. This is my visual of these beings.

I love you son.

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