Northern carmine bee-eater by Taiga

Northern carmine bee-eater

by Taiga in Artwork- OLD

(On this screen the colors look too bright and fuzzed, for a better quality see here

I notice too often I see really good art on the internet, but because of it's style, be it blurry, abstract, or meant to be looked at from far away, it will get very little attention. But when I go to art museums, galleries, and shows, most of the art there is the kind meant to be stepped back from to enjoy.

A lot of the art I do not post on DA is like this, because I really love the freedom from painting semi-abstract and blurred color paintings. But I think this one is easy enough to distinguish bird from background to show you guys.

A northern carmine bee eater, I bought new acrylics, and of course forgot black xD So I chose a very colorful bird to test them out on my new Ampersand hardboard.

Acrylics and ink on Ampersand hardboard, 5"x7" for sale, just not me (:


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