The Humble Cauliflower by Taffmeister

The Humble Cauliflower

by Taffmeister in Studio Shots

I did not believe the trouble I had making a good exposure of this simple cauliflower. Set up the lights, check exposure with flash meter, make the shot. Damn! over exposed. Adjust lighting, same procedure, same result.
It took about eight shots before the exposure was somewhere near correct and that turned out to be about six stops under exposed as per meter reading.
Have you ever started something and wish you hadn't bothered. Lol.
It was purely an exercise in using the studio flash but at least I learned from it.
NEVER photograph a cauliflower for fun because it isn't.:smile

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  • Submitted:Aug 11th, 2011
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  • Camera:NIKON D300
  • Exposure:1/125
  • Aperture:f/25.0
  • Focal Length:135mm
  • ISO Speed:100
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