Link to my Past by Taffmeister

Link to my Past

by Taffmeister in Studio Shots

These are the only objects that I know of which belonged to my father who died when I was about four years old.

His old Hohner Chromonica which he played in the local pubs and clubs before I was born.

A pewter tankard which he won as a trophy in the local Licensed Victuallers Association darts tournament in 1962, the year I was born.

An an old black and white photograph of my dad at Bridlington with me in the pram shot in 1962.

Old junk to anyone one else but priceless to me.

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  • ETT


    it is ... priceless!!

    Sep 5th, 2011 Reply
  • HouseofChabrier


    I am so happy you have some mementos of you father, and they are priceless. My parents both died last year, and I cannot imagine bearing the loss throughout my entire lifetime!

    Sep 4th, 2011 Reply
    • Taffmeister


      Thank you Anne. I've only recently (while making this image and the image titled "My Journey") realised that I have never mourned his passing, I was so young at the time but I guess the feelings if not the thoughts have always been there an affected so much of my life in a fairly negative way but I think I'm finally exorcising my demons.

      Sep 10th, 2011 Reply
    • HouseofChabrier


      My mom was a great mom, and a highly intelligent woman. My dad was an extremely intelligent man, but could be very mean and extremely cruel. My mom taught me how to do multiple jobs, always rise to the challenge, and how to work hard with little rewards. My dad encouraged my art, but also stomped on it. It's very hard even with both parents present to understand how each affected who you are today, and how much is just life, and how much you contributed with all the decisions you have made. There is no blame, and it is a journey. Sometimes we have to live with decisions we made in our youth, for there is no retirement plan for artists. I may be able to do art to the highest level, but now there are no jobs and no customers. My body is wearing out because it had no rest in my youth, there is no sweet balm for the spirit, and I think my demons will be with me until the day I die.

      Sep 10th, 2011 Reply