Last Boat to Nowhere by Taffmeister

Last Boat to Nowhere

by Taffmeister in Scapes

Wrecked boat on Loch Etive near Oban, Scotland.

My friend Steve has driven past this boat many times and never seen it before due to concentrating on the road. On this occasion I was his passenger as I had gone to spend a week at his place for a holiday. Having the luxury of being able to have a good look at everything we passed I spotted this boat in the loch , over a wall and only a couple of hundred yards from the road so the brakes were hit hard and a suitable place to park was found.

It's exactly the kind of subject and location I have dreamed about for years and this day my luck was in.

Although a storm was approaching fast the conditions were perfect for this location with the low cloud on the hills adding drama to the scene. Much better than clear blue sky and harsh direct sunlight and as it turned out this was the only shoot of the whole day due to persistent heavy rain and near gale force winds so I am doubly glad I spotted it.

Although this is the sea it is a loch and this location is several miles inland so I don't think it was wrecked in the loch. More likely it reached a point where it was not economical to repair and was abandoned to it's fate or it's owner passed away and the boat was forgotten.

There are many such boats, some of them quite large vessels sat on the bottom of the sea lochs all over the place, a photographers paradise but a bit of an eyesore in such a superb landscape.

My treatment of the subject is designed to ask questions rather than answer them as with most of my images and I hope I portrayed how I felt while viewing the scene at the time. Although I felt excited at finding this little gem of a photographic opportunity the emotions were tinged with sadness at the state of this lovely little boat with it's undignified gait, stern under water, keel on the rocks, bow pointing to shore as if asking for help.

I'm sure there will be many who think it should be removed but I'm not sure.

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