Hoober Stand by Taffmeister

Hoober Stand

by Taffmeister in HDR

Hoober Stand, one of several grand follies in the grounds of Wentworth Woodhouse, Wentworth, South Yorkshire, England.

A prominent landmark for many miles around, Hoober Stand is a 100 foot high watchtower standing at an elevation of 518 feet above sea level.

It was built in 1746-48 at the command of Thomas Watson-Wentworth, 1st Marquis of Rockingham, ostensibly to celebrate the defeat of the second Jacobite uprising, although many suggest that his real reason in building it was to mark his elevation in 1746 to the Marquisate. Until 1746, he had held the title Earl of Malton and upon his elevation, that title passed to his only surviving son, Charles. The building was designed by the architect, Henry Flitcroft and the cost of its construction was £3000.

The folly is a three sided pyramid, in Ionic style. Each of its three sides is 42 feet wide at ground level and begins with a slightly tapering base over twice the height of a man. From the top of the base, the walls narrow at a greater angle to end at an iron railed platform, 24 feet wide on each side, about 85 feet from the ground. Entrance is by way of a door on the southern wall, and from there a spiral staircase of 155 steps winding to the left ascends to the viewing platform. The staircase is lighted by five recessed windows, each provided with a seat for the weary. It finally emerges under an octagonal domed cupola some 15 feet in height which brings the total height of Hoober Stand to a little under 100 feet. From the platform, and given a clear day, it is possible to see York Minster some forty miles distant.

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