Morley, England

I am an obsessive general photographer though I haven't yet photographed a General.

I started taking photographs when I was fifteen years old. I more or less stopped taking photographs when I was in my mid twenties, when music took over as my main interest.

In 2008 I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D40x and photography has taken over my world once more.

I quickly out grew the D40x and after about six months shooting with it I bought the D300 which I love to bits.

I love everything about photography except of course the cost of equipment.

In most of my images I try to describe how the location made me feel when I was there, to express and prompt an emotional response rather than merely describe a place or a moment.

Whether or not I succeed in achieving this is for you to decide. My world through my eyes coloured by my life experiences.

I hope you find something of interest among my many and varied images.

My Photography Equipment:

Nikon D300
Fuji S2Pro

Sigma 10-20mm
Great for landscape/waterscape work. Opens up many creative opportunities due to the perspective distortion that it creates.

Sigma 18-200mm
An excellent all rounder. Good for most landscape/waterscape situations, portrait, nature and great for street work.

Sigma 70-300mm
Good for portrait, wildlife, sport and close up work.

Nikon AFNikkor24-85mm 1:2 macro f2.8-f4
A good all rounder, studio, portrait, street, close up work.

Nikkor f1.8 50mm
This is a great way to force yourself to really think about what you are doing, fixed focal length. Makes you move about a lot more than working with a zoom and concentrate on composition. I sometimes go out with just this lens.

Sigma f2.8 28mm filtermatic. Same applies as with the Nikkor above.

Tamron SP-90 AF f2.8 1:1 Macro. Ideal for extreme close up work and perfect for portraiture. This is a very sharp lens indeed.

Manfrotto tripod with ball head.
Essential for landscape/waterscape, low light, HDR shots and when massive depth of field is needed (very small aperture)

Benbo Trekker tripod with Kennet ball head for close up and macro work outdoors.

Cokin circular polarisor
Cokin ND grads 2, 4, and 8
Cokin ND 8
ND100 10 stop
These filters are always with me, they are the basic aids to controlling contrast and exposure duration, especially in landscape/waterscape.

Adobe Lightroom
Photoshop CS3