Vicious Circle by TSpawN

Vicious Circle

by TSpawN in Artworks

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Circulus vitiosus is Latin and in English it means “vicious circle“. With this artwork I’d like to draw the attention to the topic of a vicious circle.

Walls just like in a prison surround the protagonist. He struggles for breath, tries to escape. However, the persons around him observe this spectacle and watch him being tortured. These walls don’t offer any kind of refuge. Fog surrounds everything and shows the real feelings of these persons. This turns the inner conflict between the protagonist and the behaviour of all the others inside out.

You can see that man in the middle, caught in his vicious circle. How he got there? – We don’t know it. Possible reasons might be depressions, feelings of guilt haunting him or debts. The protagonist tries to escape for all one is worth, he wants to get back to his once ideal world, he wishes to break out – but he can’t. That perfect world consists of a society formed by people who don’t care about this desperate man, who don’t endeavour to help him but watching him. They observe everything without helping him or intervene – unfortunately this is the truth in many cases in our real society.

The centre of this vicious circle is made up by a dark monster which has caught the protagonist at his neck and pulls him to the middle to afterwards drag him down. A black bird has torn out the protagonist’s heart to weaken him, to take away his courage to find a way out of the circle, at the same time to intensify the attracting power of it. The closer the protagonist gets to the middle of the circle the worse his possibility of escaping. Without any help he’s lost. Is there any observer who will help him?

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