Ashes to Ashes by TSpawN

Ashes to Ashes

by TSpawN in Artworks

To intensify the atmosphere of the picture I recommend this soundtrack to you.
Just listen to it while watching my work!

A landscape marked by fire, ash and smoke. However, in the midst of this deserted scenery rises up a tower made of ashes. Believing the myths this tower over the years has become part of a rite, the scene of a reincarnation. According to the myths a legendary phoenix at all times returns at the end of its life to this place and burns to death to rise anew from the ashes. Ashes to ashes. In the end of this act the phoenix is aglow again with a new splendour and begins a new life until it goes to this place again at the end of its days. This way it was possible that over the years the tower has become higher and higher and now rises up far into the sky.

Some fire and ash stocks are from, other stocks from me.

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