Madu,Racun dan Negriku by TRACELANDVCTRIE

Madu,Racun dan Negriku

by TRACELANDVCTRIE in Vector Painting Illustration

Showcase artwork at Gallery Salihara - Jakarta at June 2011

Artwork Title : Disappointed - Contained - Grief [left to right]

Artwork Description :
Tracelandvectorie uses swine as a metaphorical representation of those interests that are slowly sapping and crippling Indonesia, a country that was built on blood, tears, and immeasurable sacrifice. There is a great concern that the fruits of these struggles and hard work are being eroded slowly but surely, rendering the sacrifices
of our forefathers almost meaningless.
Showcase title :
Madu, Racun dan Negriku [ Honey, Poison and My Country ]

“I love Indonesia, but hate to see the behavior of the people who manage it” might be able to summarize the theme of this vector art exhibition. Born and raised in Indonesia can evoke feelings of affection and love of the homeland, but it may also give birth to hatred and annoyance when we see many things gone wrong in this country. Conflicting feelings like that are not always easy to be disclosed. Most of us who have no share in the decision making can only mutter to themselves, then slowly adjust to the circumstances.

Vector Art is a product of global urban culture. In Indonesia, vector art developed rapidly in the last decade. It occured through VektorJunkie site (VJ) and through electronic publication (e-zine), Vektorika, is one of the pioneering examples of vector popularize the Indonesian audience. Now, other than through the conventional print media such as books or posters, vector application has penetrated various types of media such as t-shirts, designer toys, accessories, skateboards, protective electronic equipment (gadgets enclosure / skin), murals, wallpaper, interactive media, and other forth. This exhibition invites several vector artists from home and abroad and showcases the works that been appreciated by various parties.
The other artists who participated are :

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