The blue forest song by Syphellium

The blue forest song

by Syphellium in Digital art

This is my (late) entry for Leundra's beautiful Laneon adoptables! I took an instant liking for this guy (strange cuz I'm never incredibly partial towards pink) and decided to try out for him!

Argh.... overall this picture is terrible. I know I forgot to shade the grass under Caize but I've worked so much on this I'm now utterly sick of this picture : So many mistakes, and I hate the background. Sighs, I will be making another picture featuring Caize soon.

Name: Caiez (Kuh-eyes)
Male, adult
Mate: Neraveira (belongs to ~MoroIgnis
Personality: Slightly obnoxious, sensitive, emotional, does not really like company, enjoys music but is completely rubbish at it, is actually incredibly talented with magic but dislikes using it.
Brief history: He left the Laneon tribe before the dispute due to the fact, he felt unappreciated by the rest of the dragons. Caiez was a songwriter and a poet, and his music was terrible. If you heard it, you'd know why the tribe chased him out. Caiez traveled around with Neraveira (one of the only Laneon's who he counted as a dear friend), after a while he found a small patch of forest near a small town where he lived with Neraveira now. The forest was obscured by thick blue mist and tall trees. Caiez devoted himself to covering the forest in more blue mist and enjoys conjuring little gold orbs. That is the only magic he enjoys actually. He was content there as no other creature (save his dear Neraveira) around to insult his music. But if you were a human in the town nearby you'd definitely hear about the 'legend of the screaming death', which 'explains' why it sounds like creatures being strangled or mauled to death come from the blue forest. Neraveira herself doesn't really mind Caiez's 'music' but encourages him to practice more magic. And as for Caiez.... one of the only things in the world he truly regrets is making Neraveira hurt when he gets too pushy and selfish.

Critique welcome!!!

Copyright art and Caize to me
Neraveira to MoroIgnis on deviantart
Species and design to Leundra on deviantart

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