Natural Wonders by Syphellium

Natural Wonders

by Syphellium in Digital art

Wow... I'm done..... After lots of hard work, I'm finally done with my dad's birthday present! I put everyone's trades, aceos, gifts everything on standbye while I worked my hand dead on this thing. Mind... blown....

Critique welcomed! But before you critique please keep in mind, I do know that tigers can't climb tall trees like this my dad just likes tigers and trees that's all.

I'm severely unhappy with that random leafy branch at the bottom, it looks out of nowhere and ruins the composition but if I take it off it looks worse...

Picture reference for tiger's pose:
Copyright art to me, please do not use in any way or form. For anything. Anywhere. I worked extremely hard on this and please have a heart and don't steal/edit/repost this from me. Greatly appreciated! :)

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