Digital Artist •

Moscow, Russia

Hello everyone! My name is Svetlana.
I am educated as a drawing teacher. One of my greatest interests has always been graphic design. After the university graduation I was invited to teach computer graphics and design in the Institute for students with limited possibilities. It gave me a great experience for self-studies of different graphic programs such as vector and raster ones, as well as animations.
After that I finished a „Graphic Design in Advertising“ course in Professional Architecture and Design School. It helped me also to gain more experience and knowledge of theory and practice in graphics.
Now I am a freelancer and Photoshop and CorelDraw take the main part of my art life.
As for digital art, I have been addicted to it for 3 years. As a designer, I made a lot of photomanipulations and collages, and as soon as I started drawing eye-lashes, hair, clothes etc, I realised it was the thing I really needed and now there is no way back.