Confrontation by SuziDragonlady


by SuziDragonlady in Digital Art

... the wind was cold, dark clouds made the sky fade to grey. A lonely tower. A flag, like a blood splatter, just a toy of the winds is the one thing that breaks out this dismalness... being the observer of two heroic opponents. How will this confrontation end...?

Finally finished...

I have no clue how many hours I needed but it was worth it all. The details in the background and on the figures turned out really great. I like how it turned out.
I made some brush tips also just for the works in the background and the figures have around separate additional layers just for different effects. Shading and light is also all separate. The original version of this is sooo big I'm still fascinated that my old computer was able to manage it.
I hope you will like it too. ^__^

The artpiece was made for Rooth and the characters also belong to him.
Do not copy, alter or reuse in any way.

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