Stramp wrote to Rhozax

Thank you for the follow Rhozax!!! Yes first you have to have the desire, that's where I started. I knew nothing but I wanted to do what these great artists are doing. Join some graphics sites & talk to some of the artists there & get recomendations for programs. Some programs are harder than others to learn so start with some that don't have such a steep learning curve so as not to get discouraged. What kinds of artwork are you interested in next. If you draw that's a great way to plan out your art piece Get a drawing book & plenty of good pencils & carry it with you! When an idea emerges make a sketch for reference later. Start simple & work up. And any of the programs you do get ALWAYS READ the instructions & if you have a problem consult your artist friends for ideas & help. The old saying is "you have not because you ask not" Always ask all of us are there to help that's what a artist community is supposed to be about! Good luck to you

Nov 9th, 2012