Lord Ambrosius Temple1920 by Stramp

Lord Ambrosius Temple1920

by Stramp in Wall renders

This is the Modification for Lord Ambrosius in a themed background. Yes the background was used for Merciless but this wall render was made before that. Permissions came later than expected, so I have not reassigned a new background. But it came out nicely so I am releasing it. It is a dark wall and made as such. I have done extensive work on the background, lighting coloring shadows & handpainting. Also have remodded the 3d Character to display well with the background. There will be only one wallpaper as I am backlogged with work. The size is 1920x1200. How you enjoy it!
Fabio gallery- http://maxter.cgarena.com/
Fabio Blog- http://maxterwip.blogspot.com/
Wallpaper file- http://www.wincustomize.com/explore/wallpapers/48175/

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