Dark Shadows logon1920prev by Stramp

Dark Shadows logon1920prev

by Stramp in Logon Studio logons

Dark Shadows contest wall submission by Jim Kilroy @ Deviantart tittled "Barnabas Collins_Vampyre" one of the most outstanding original standouts in the competition. This is not a digital portrait, it is Fineart! Jim an excellant artist has an amazing portrait site & blog site you must see. All credit to him for this amazing piece! Credits & permission are included in the folder.This is a modified portrait version to fit the desktop.I had to paint,light,texture,rehandpaint and redo lettering to make the match blend well as a wall & to display well with the Logon! Permission & credit in the folder. There is a custom Barnabas User icon in the folder for the theme! Hope you like it! Keep Biting!
jimkilroy gallery- http://jimkilroy.deviantart.com/
jimkilroy fineart site- http://jimkilroy.blogspot.com/
Don't forget to download the wallpak!
Dark Shadows wallpak download- http://www.wincustomize.com/explore/wallpapers/48217/

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