CREECH 1cHP 800x500 by Stramp

CREECH 1cHP 800x500

by Stramp in WIPs

Creech a 3d model made in Daz3d. Background swamp. This is a work in progress & may change. Advice & constructive critiques welcome!

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  • JurgenDoe


    I kinda like the background but not so much the creature and how it has it arms

    Nov 24th, 2012 Reply Subscriber
    • Stramp


      I have different characters, and the pose is peliminary, just for looks. Yes I know about the arms, I just rendered it to see how it would display as I will have to make a version for the logon & the character must be in a different position so as not to be covered by the user icon. I found the Creature model & decided to try it. It has a tail which the original movie version doesn't. That will probably go if I use it. Thank you Jurgen for the input!

      Nov 24th, 2012 Reply
    • JurgenDoe


      You're welcome :)

      Nov 25th, 2012 Reply Subscriber
  • Lucifer


    oh this looks scary very well done :)

    Nov 24th, 2012 Reply Who wants a hug?