BORG prev by Stramp

BORG prev

by Stramp in Logons XP

The Borg render by a fantastic artist RIGO40 @ Renderosity. A very popular artist Rigo has an excellant gallery there.
RIG0's Gallery-
All cerdit to him for this artwork & gracious permission! This is a 1280x1024rez logon. There is a Borg user icon Bitmap_114 in the folder for you to use with the theme. Custom font included, after loading the logon to LogonStudioXP go to the borg folder and copy the font file KLD_ to your Windows System font folder for the correct font to display. All bars, buttons and Logon graphics by me. Recoded to show the star ding in the login password panel. Be assimilated by the BORG! Enjoy
Borg XP Logon download here-

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